Das Journal auf dient als Erweiterung der Ausstellungen im Portikus. Verschiedene Beiträge wie Essays, Interviews, Erzählungen oder Foto- und Videobeiträge vermitteln einen genaueren Blick auf die Interessen der ausstellenden Künstler und reflektieren Themen, die unsere Gesellschaft, Politik und Kultur betreffen.

Mutanten Machen Bücher

Manuel Cirauqui, María Mur Deán


Angela Lühning, Carl Haarnack, Oliver Hardt & Willem de Rooij

L'Esprit—Absolventenausstellung 2020

Louisa Behr und Johanna Weiß

Zahl & Kopf

Levi Easterbrooks, Janique Préjet Vigier

Portikus XXX Summer Screening Program

Levi Easterbrooks

WE THE PEOPLE – Die Bewahrung der Freiheit

Cosima Anna Grosser

"Oh my god, this is another kind of code language!"

Amy Sillman, Bernard Vienat

Ein Narrativ für den Körper: Present Sore von Shahryar Nashat

Isla Leaver-Yap, Shahryar Nashat, Fabian Schöneich

Fermentierte Gegenwart

Franciska Nowel Camino

Logbuch Diversion

Liberty Adrien, Carina Bukuts, Rand Elarabi, Nils Fock, Maria Guhr, Rabika Hussain, Mary Bom Kahama, Blaykyi Kenyah, Hanna Launikovich, Nelli Lorenson, Hemansingh Lutchmun, francisco m.v., Hilda Stammarnas, Elsa Stanyer, Amina Szecsödy, Yuxiu Xiong


A person and I were sitting at the wooden table downstairs when they asked me what’s happening in this room and I reply not intentionally repeating the question and also adding another one to see if they’ve read the newspaper or not I wanted to start the conversation asking what was their favorite part of it if there was one usually there is one but they reply I'm coming from my reading group my favorite activity they’ve said so I can't read anymore I'm blind I'm old but I will do it tomorrow or when I'm able to see again I'm going to rest my eyes the rest of the day so I went back to their question and walked with them to the water station they talked about seasons and I felt that’s all we talk about in the transition between one and the other but especially this one maybe in the north hemisphere after they have tried the river and said that in a warm day that could second them they will not doubt getting wet feet upstairs we said goodbye goodbye


A boy came with a bag of chestnuts and asked if he can put one of them in the river and play with it. Later in the afternoon a friend came to visit the show with a chestnut too. It’s the season now. When the sun shines in during sunset, it leaves marks of shadow and light on the wall not seen in those summer months. Very soon this temporary river in Portikus will be gone, leaving stories behind like chestnuts falling from trees in autumn. - YX


I was asked to make photos of the visitors three times today. It's such a simple and andom fact about today's shift but it made me think of how each time all of them were photographed with a different river in the background. Because it's flowing, it's everchanging, it's never the same water. - HL


A river flow down each cheek of the visitors today because it‘s raining. The proud mother of a swimmer came to follow his tracks. Someone ask me what are the biggest flows of water I have seen? - HS


The water stream has changed its colour today, wearing silver on its ripples. The blank skies and reflective waves, along with the bluish tree leaves are directing my mind to play out the Twin Peaks theme soundtrack in my head over and over, and I can’t help but listen to these synths as i stare at those trees. - RA


Today is the 800th anniversary of Alte Brücke! Happy Birthday! - MG


Portikus was a shelter for people when it rained. - ES


Today Barbara visited us again - don't know exactly how many times she has already been to the exhibition but it was already the second time we saw and talked to each other: about Berlin and the Berlin Wall, how it was for her to grow up near the border of Germany, France and Switzerland, how as a kid she would go into the water whenever possible…And suddenly I've spotted a quirky playful smirk in her eyes - 'ich habe eine Idee!' . And the next moment she started folding the small paper she took out of her bag into a paper boat, doing it so quick and professionally as if she makes those every day. The boat's life was short but glorious. Barbara promised to come back with a toy boat next time. - HL


I dipped my toes into the water with a stranger. - ES


Clouds took over the river today, leaving it greener in contrast. I had a nice conversation with a lady who stumbled upon the waters and decided to see it for herself. We spoke about swimming friendly bodies of water and I learned about an ancient one that still has the built stairs and traces of people back in the day. Added to my list of things to see in frankfurt. - RA


The sun left its mark in the hall, forming a long line of squares on the floor. It was a bit distracting to look at. A couple of old men walked in, curious to look at the water and thrilled when finding out that they could walk in there. One of them transformed into a child the minute his feet touched the running stream. He said as he was leaving with excitement: it’s a blessing! - RA


Today we had Martin Scheuermann from the company who printed the newspapers visit the show with his wife. E and I made an effort to show them around and make them feel welcome. They emphasized that they enjoyed the exhibition and the whole message it sends. First they were hesitant to get into the water, but they adjusted really fast and said how refreshing it felt. They also drank the water downstairs. He said to give a special thanks and compliments to C & L. - MG


We found traces of the passing summer in the water. - YX


Today the sun was a rare guest in the gallery. As if somebody adjusted the light settings and suddenly the world around has lost a bit of colour and saturation. It also does something to the water although it is transparent. I don't really believe calendars but looks like September likes to be punctual. - HL


A woman told me the story of how she grew up opposite the island where Portikus is, looking at the building that existed before it and wonder whether it was a church or a windmill or something else. Then she moved away from Frankfurt. And today she visited Portikus for the first time and tasted the river.

Now the wind brings in fallen leaves too. - YX


Since the festival is still going, there are a lot of visitors coming in and out. Our river is a place for them to relax and take a breath. - MG


The most common question I've heard today was 'What's going on here?' ('Und was ist denn hier los?'). Yeah, exactly - it's GOING (also running, streaming,changing, rushing, moving etc.) and it is already enough information about this artwork. This was the answer I had in the back of my mind but I never said it out loud. - HL


Everything is painted grey today, from the water of the Main to the floors of the Portikus. After yet another brutal heatwave last week it has finally cooled down, and the wind is whipping jitters into the river. Very likely also the reason less people feel the desire to step into the water. - NL


As one of the visitors was surprised by the temperature of the water (she didn't expect it to be so warm), I thought of how surprising it actually is - barely a week before September kicks in. In the pagan tradition (or at least in a Slavic version of it as I'm aware of), you're not recommended to enter any streams, rivers or lakes after August 2 because from this day on the waters are occupied by devilry and other dangerous creatures and the season of cold rainy weather starts. Seasons have changed greatly ever since and the waters can be cleansed by the human. Guess our ancestors would find it very safe but not as exciting anymore. - HL


A man with big green Aldi bag coming in with a calming smile. He looks like he is on his way to grocery shopping. Then he sat down by the river, closed his eyes, crossed his legs and started chanting. A quiet afternoon. - YX


Two friends entering the water together. After some minutes they hugged each other with their feet still in the water. - ES


The mystery foam is still appearing in the bucket. The mystery of foam remains the mystery after the two sunny non-even-close-to-rainy days. I would call this foam a 'cloud' - giving such a poetic name should eliminate the visual ugliness and disgusting smell this foam actually has. The foam of mystery is what I created in my head while looking at a pathetic smelly gathering of bubbles appearing as a result of intense waterfall. - HL


Today we had a couple visit us who were blind. I helped them find their way. Once they were in the water, H and I discussed how most art is not accessible for everybody. Here we had the chance to create an experience for them that went way beyond a visual reception. I am very thankful to be a part of this moment. – MG


A lady with a mysterious smile came in. Our conversation started with her asking the gender of the artist of the show ( she is the first person asking me the question). Then we began to talk about tenderness, theology and Rudolf Steiner (and many more). The water carries the story and goes on. - YX


I discovered that a pigeon has made a nest underneath the bridge, a butterfly flew through the front doors and then out again. I check the duck eggs in a nest on the island from the door in the basement. I’m now becoming more familiar with the small parts of nature which inhabit the island. – ES


did you ever see anyone washing clothes in this river? – NN


Towards the end of the day, just before our river was supposed to stop flowing, Francisco told me that someone had vandalized our toilet. At first I thought he was joking with me, referring to the Wallace Stevens poem affixed to one of the doors, but then he showed me a bright green sign in the other cabin. We tried to decipher it, but didn’t get far. Maybe someone didn’t want the river to stop flowing or wanted to challenge our water’s ability to remove graffiti. - CB


First shift data

Water level: 153 cm

Water temperature: 24,8 *C

Number of visitors: 231

- MG


The sky is completely clear today and hot air is filling the room. I saw a family come in with their child. They helped the child walk in the water, holding hands and laughing together. It was a very beautiful moment to witness. - MG


When I came to Portikus today, it was melting hot outside and I felt relieved to go into the PortikusMain. Meanwhile it started pouring and it has gotten colder and windier - it’s even better now. The atmosphere has changed completely. - RH


I sat close to the riverbed and got lost in the rushing of the water until I was told the apodictic sentence that this wasn't the real Main. I was a bit surprised and asked for the real one. We went to the window and he pointed to the water flowing around the Main Island. I asked more questions, interested to know what and where the real Main is. At one point I told him that I lived in Offenbach and that I liked sitting at the lock and that the surging water fascinated me. In doing so, the visitor began to sway, the artificial interruption of the Main undermined his view of the real Main. We were silent for a moment. I then sat down again by the riverbed - and the visitor sat down with me. - NF


The sun is really strong today. Being in the water feels even more refreshing than it usually does. I ended up talking to a visitor for an hour. Somehow the conversation transformed from the phobia of swimming in natural waters where the floor is hidden in the dark, to discussing cyber security and the impact of social media on our everyday lives. - MG


A woman told me today that there’s a waterwork in Schwanheim that also purifies the Main water and serves it to its guests. I wonder if they also show us step by step how they filter the water…

Anyway, there was a huge family visiting the exhibition today and RA and I had interesting conversations with them of course about rivers and bodies of water. They told us about a black river in Syria. - RH

A women came to me asking me about the stones that we use for mineralizing the water. It turned out she is a jewelry designer and has a lot to share about how stones bring different energy to the substance they are in contact with. I enjoyed this moment of exchange. - YX


Towards the end of the day a cloud gathered, and the air became close as if a storm was about to break, it turned cold. The water running through the space kept a warmth, which surprised visitors as much as it did me. - ES

A glimmering surface seduces when walking past Portikus on the bridge. Lot’s of visitors throughout the early hours of the day. Conversation flowed in many different directions, from aquatic monkeys to horses dragging pilgrims along the main. Today, our miniature Main felt like a ceremony, I don’t yet know of what. - AS


The thick weather pulled people in today. They came in waves, mostly in groups. I found myself having conversations almost constantly in water. The skin on our feet like raisins. Two smaller persons and I were playing wild in the water for quite a while. The water was the best they ever tasted, they said. Tasting mineraly, a characteristic taste, of it’s own, flowing through us at that moment. - AS


Today‘s information about the water:

Total hardness: 0ppm

Free Chlorine: 0ppm

Iron: 0ppm

Copper: 0,5-1ppm (above average level)

Lead: 0ppm

Nitrate: 0ppm

MPS: 0ppm

Total Chlorine: 0ppm

Fluoride: 0ppm

Cyanuric Acid: 0ppm

Ammonia Chloride: 100ppm (above average level)

Bromine: 0ppm

Total Alkalinity: 0ppm

Carbonate: 40-80ppm (below average level)

Ph: 7.2-8

- RH


I had a conversation with a person that comes from Spain, Catalonia and lives near a river where you can drink the water since it’s so clean. I was several times in that region, close to a river called Muga where I could drink the water, too. We had a connecting moment while we both we‘re standing in the Main. - RH


I learned about the de-humidifier today. We have to always keep it running and we’re emptying it in the mornings and evenings. The ventilators have to stay on too. The de-humidifier is preventing the walls in the gallery from getting moldy. When I imagined the mold on the white walls I had to think about how it would look if the walls had been layered with actual moss, with creeper plants and ivy. - RH


Noticing the pipes shudder with the flow of water it directs. The pipes are as if they were the intestines of the show. A young child runs through the water. Later some visitors are curious about the engine, pumping the water up, so I take them outside to show them the heart of the work. They were in Frankfurt from LA. - ES


Upon inviting a visitor into the water with me he quickly takes off his shoes, steps into the water and takes a deep breath while closing his eyes. - MG


It's warm in Frankfurt, almost 30 degrees. The banks of the Main are well frequented. In the direction of Offenbach it gets quieter. If you take your time tomorrow, you will see the water changing its colors: A visitor drew my attention to the fact that the many colors a river takes on and can take on over the course of the day are rarely emphasized. The color changes with every minute, with every wave. I've been told that those who are susceptible don't need a treasure map. I'll sit down at the Main tomorrow. - NF


The river pulled many people into space today. I only realize how the sound bounced all around throughout the day when I finally meet the silence at the end when closing. Outside the streets were littered with people which spilled into the space. The footfall was faster than the river. The air was warm, around 25 degrees, yet the gallery stayed fresh. For that freshness, I am grateful.


Opening day. Heavy rains and thunder from 18.00 rounding up a hot and mostly grey day. 26 degrees most of the time. The low pressure making the water feel even warmer. Doors and windows open on both sides of the gallery creating a counter stream of air to the water flow. Successful event.- HS


The fresh air around Portikus is stolen again, smells like rain with thunder but weather tricks us over and over. Our local tiny Main had a lot of visitors today, as soon as they put their feet into the water the gallery started to remind me moreand more of a children's playground. The buzzing sound of chatting and laughing backed with the sound of a water flow till midnight and some time after. - HL

Orangenschalen, die im Portikus Garten trocknen


It’s very nice today. I peeled oranges and lemons. My hands are still smelling like them. It felt very meditative to peel in stillness in the garden. The set is coming slowly to an end. I am excited for the opening. I was singing before with AS to lyrics that AR gave us. It felt very nice to sing. - RH

In the Mood for Bengawan Solo

Paula Kommoss, Arin Rungjang

Im Verborgenen

Carina Bukuts

Textil als Medium der zeitgenössischen Kunst

Olga Inozemtceva

Zwischen Stillstand und Bewegung

Malina Lauterbach, Maximilian Wahlich

Der Körper, der Sockel

Marina Rüdiger

H[gun shot]ow c[gun shot]an I f[gun shot]orget?

Lawrence Abu Hamdan