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In the framework of his exhibition Pierre Verger in Suriname Willem de Rooij invites the artists Razia Barsatie, Ansuya Blom, Ruben Cabenda, and Xavier Robles de Medina to show their works on the Portikus website. With the program Flux und Reflux – A Selection of Moving Images Portikus' audience is introduced to moving image made by four contemporary artists who have a relationship to Suriname. The video works will be online for two week at a time:


Razia Barsatie

A no san fesi e sori, ati e tyari, 2021

(wat niet op het gezicht te zien is, draagt ’t hart

m.a.w. het uiterlijk is anders dan het innerlijk)


8,3 m x 5,1m

Charcoal, plaster, flour dough, camphor, tapioca, kitchen cleaning towel, marker, thirteen small engines

Based on her fictional theater play "A no san fesi e sori, ati e tyari," the video installation of the same title presents a chaotic atmosphere between the deep-rooted subconscious and the conscious mind of the protagonist, Christien. Caught between loneliness, hatred, trauma, trust and confusion, she asks how she can explain something to someone when she doesn't even understand it herself. The installation produces abstract and concrete repetitions – multiple finger sculptures stacked on charcoal are accompanied by wall drawings. In the rhythm of the installation, Barsatie creates a meditation of giving space, burning the inner thought, and processing and releasing it.

Razia Barsatie (*1982 in Paramaribo) lives and works in Amsterdam where she pursues her research on scent preservation, memory and the domestic as a space of emotional oppression. She graduated from the Rietveld Academy and is currently a resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Recent exhibitions include Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, Nieuw Dakota and Theater Thalia in Amsterdam, artist residencies and exhibitions in Moengo, Suriname, Thami Mnyele Foundation Award in Amsterdam, CARMA in French Guiana and the Caribbean Linked III Atelier '89 in Aruba.

Song credit:

Maa-mujhe-apne-aanchal | Singer: Fariz Barsatie

Maa-ki-dua-jannat-ki-hawa |Singer: Muhammad Hassan Raza Qadri

Voice credit:

Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba | Diana Cantarey | Özgür Atlagan | Salim Bayri | Aldo Esparza Ramos | G | Lungiswa Gqunta | Claudia Pagés Rabal | Tomasz Skibicki | Mette Sterre | Sungeun Lee | Anh Tran

Thanks to:

Schrijversvakschool | Vincent Reit | Faaria Kasiem | Niaaz Kasiem | Ansuya Blom |

Annelie Musters | Ratu Saraswati | Elke Uitentuis

Installation shots: Courtesy of the artist and Rijksakademie Archive

Portrait image: Marjet Zwaans

Artist website:

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