Opening: 03.05.2019, 19h 

In her upcoming exhibition at Portikus, The Wolf and The Head on Fire, Dawn Kasper will develop a new chapter in her celebrated ongoing challenge to and disruption of the boundaries between art and life, the public and private, and studio and exhibition space.

This exhibition builds on her achievement in 2017 at the Venice Biennial, which brought her decade long Nomadic Studio Practice to a poetic culmination. The artist will create a conversation specific to Portikus, its local, and its folkloric attachments. Her subject and inspiration here is one of Aesop’s fables, The Wolf and the Kid, about a baby goat who avoids being eaten by a hungry wolf by distracting him with cheerful songs before a feast. Dawn Kasper will expand this fable into a broader allegory of poetic inspiration and the challenges and obstacles to artistic creation. The exhibition will include performances by collaborators, as well as new sculpture relating to musical instruments and modes of literal and symbolic illumination.

Performance Schedule: 

11.05.2019, 21h: Nacht der Museen
24.05.2019, 19h: James Krone
31.05.2019, 19h: Jeff Preiss 
07.06.2019, 19h: Zeena Parkins
14.06.2019, 19h: Marc LeBlanc
21.06.2019, 19h: Mariechen Danz
​28.06.2019, 19h: Andrew Lampert

The exhibition is funded by the Hessische Kulturstiftung.