Olafur Eliassons (born in 1967 in Copenhagen) project light lab, extending over two years, consists of 18 different installations. Even before the actual move of Portikus into its new domicile, Eliasson presented the first work of the series - an arc of orange light (light lab, test 1) in April 2006 However, the work itself is invisible from the inside of the building it is only after dawn and through the northern side of the roof, which is fully glazed, that it can be viewed. This work is rather a form of interaction with the architectural conditions of the new exhibition hall, which is utterly exposed floating over the river, than a singular piece of art. Eliasson reclaims the completely glazed truss in order to render it transparent and present at the same time.

The project is supported by Siteco.

More images: staedelschule.de/lightlab