Renée Green will present a new installation ("Imaginary Places: Variation 1" with "Coordinates"), shown for the first time at the Portikus. Elements of the exhibition, "Phases + Versions," are variations and continuations of two already existing productions: "Elsewhere?"/Standardized Octagonal Units for Imagined and Existing Systems (S.O.U.s) and "Wavelinks". From these works Green will present two videos, "Elsewhere?"(2002) and "Wavelinks: A Different Reality" (2002).

The title "Phases + Versions," accentuates the temporal and changing aspects of these works. Green continues to be involved in testing ways in which to transfer, translate and probe the perceptual shifts which can occur in encountering works depending on when, where and how they are presented.

"Standardized Octagonal Units for Imagined and Existing Systems (S.O.U.s)" was the title of Renée Green's installation in the Auepark for this year's Documenta 11. It consisted of a total of seven octagonal audio units and a video unit distributed across the park in Kassel. While the film presented an index of the project in its entirety, the visitors of the audio stations heard the recitation of a seemingly endless list of fictitious places. A site to relax and find peace of mind, but historically also a protected space for fantasies, the park was the ideal point of departure for this imaginary journey.

The "Coordinates" series, or "listening benches," on which the whispered list of imaginary place names is heard, allow for a contemplative moment on a portable unit, which at this time is in a gallery space. By establishing this correspondence between the color-coded names on the wall, the seats in the room and the sequences in the video "Elsewhere?", Renée Green develops within the exhibition a system of coordinates. Repetition is utilized as a stylistic device and makes reference to the title of the exhibition, "Phases + Versions." The term "phasing" stems from a method used in the composition of contemporary music, designating the phase-shifted combination of several identical audio tracks in a repetitive sequence which slip gradually and then increasingly out of synch with each other, creating a gap between the loops which can be surprisingly resonant.

"Wavelinks,"a project about people's perceptions of sound which the artist has been pursuing since 1999, is the title of the second work Renée Green introduces in her installation at Portikus. In her exhibition in Frankfurt she will show "A Different Reality," from the "Wavelinks" video series, which probes the notion of unprecedented pleasure and crosses these ideas with those of imaginary places that people can be transported to via sound.

Renée Green (born 1959) has lived and worked in New York and Vienna and hopes to continue in Santa Barbara and Barcelona.

The exhibition is supported by Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein.