Wade Guyton
Black Paintings

Edited by Melanie Ohnemus

With texts by John Kelsey

English, French, German
Softcover, 800 pages
ISBN 978-3-03764-166-8

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For this volume, Wade Guyton first had the book designed, and then printed it on the same ink-jet printers he used for his large-format serial prints on canvas. These pages were then scanned and printed by offset. In a sense, this artist's book is a work on the questions of reproduction, original, source, and re-formation at the heart of Guyton's practice. If one can say that Guyton's Minimalistic "paintings," which connect directly to abstraction's history, conjure a re-structuring of Modernist art and decor, this book offers a mise en abyme of these procedures.

Exhibition from Wade Guyton