Candice Lin
A Hard White Body

Edited by Lotte Arndt & Yesomi Umolu

With texts by Lotte Arndt, Melanie Bouteloup, Philippe Pirotte, Yesomi Umolu, Rizvana Bradley, Mel Y. Chen, Jih-Fei Cheng, Candice Lin

160 pages
The University of Chicago Press
ISBN 978-0-692-13836-6

EUR 39.00

This publication was produced in conjunction with the exhibitions "A Hard White Body/Un corps blanc exquis" (2017) at Bétonsalon - Centre d'art et de recherche and Villa Vassilieff, Paris, "A Hard White Body, a Soft White Worm" (2018) at Portikus, Frankfurt/Main, and "A Hard White Body, a Porous Slip" (2018) at Logan Center Exhibitions and Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts.

Exhibition from Candice Lin A Hard White Body, a Soft White Worm