The Swiss Peter Fischli/David Weiss (born 1952/1946 in Zurich) have been working together continuously since 1979. At Portikus, they exhibit objects from their rubber series, such as vase - woman - root - candle - wall - heart - dog bowl, and others. A recurring motif of their works has always been the defamiliarization of everyday surroundings and common objects, like in this case the use of a commonplace material. Fischli/Weiss have, for example, reinvented scenes of everyday life using cigarette butts and pickles (sausage series), or constructed breath-taking objects out of forks, knives, bottles, plates, etc. ("An einem stillen Nachmittag" ("On a quiet afternoon"), photo sequences).

The three films they have shot together since 1979, "Der Lauf der Dinge" ("The course of things"), "Der geringste Widerstand" (The least resistance"), and "Der rechte Weg" ("The right way") are shown parallel to the exhibition at Kino Harmonie in Frankfurt.