Some seats are set up so that one's view falls upon the wall or the columns. Here, Leonardo's advice could be followed: "I will not fail to place a newly invented way of seeing below these instructions; it may seem minor or almost ridiculous, but it is very useful all the same for awakening the mind to all sorts of inventions. It consists in looking at some wall covered with all sorts of spots, or at stonework of different mixtures. If you need to invent some situation, you will see things there resembling diverse landscapes embellished with all types of mountains, rivers, cliffs, trees, large plains, valleys and hills. You can also see various battles, vivid positions of strangely foreign figures, facial features, uniforms and countless other things which you can bring into an ideal and good form. With these walls and stonework something similar to the sound of bells happens: in each stroke you will be able to recognise every name and every word you imagine." (Leonardo, Trattato § 66, Edition Ludwig) The other seats face the public space. Here, "holes" could be looked into the field of vision.

Daily newspapers are used as seat cushions.


Indeed, the field of vision does not have such a form: eye


This has to do with the fact that no part of our experience is a priori. Everything we see could also be different.

Everything we can describe could also be different.

There is no order of things a priori.


Here one sees that solipsism, carried out stringently, falls together with pure realism. The I of solipsism shrinks to a point without extension, and what remains is the reality co-ordinated to it.

(L. Wittgenstein: Tractatus logico-philosophicus)

The sculptures were created out of definitive sweeps; scratches of curves substitute the space pressed away in vedutate of the life form which is their precondition - in other words: the tilted spatiality gives quodam modo interest. The titles and the plinths can be ignored, the texts are available as patterns of thought if necessary.

With Sepp Aver and Matis Esterhazy.