"My work is predominantly based on graphics. In the course of 30 years, I have just about 'grazed' all fields in which graphical events take place. Starting with old techniques - lithography, etching, screen-printing via offset, photo techniques - and leading to computer-generated elements. Working with graphics lead to film/video starting in 1980.

The exhibition at Portikus will deal with animated graphics, i.e. graphical images in motion - either through film or in the form of videos."

Auto, 1979/80
16mm film and video, silent, 2.5 min.

In this work, up to 650 matchbox cars drive on a motorway landscape made of cardboard. The increasing and decreasing mass of cars is viewed as a large cell (the cars in a city) that has been multiplied using video tricks until they vanish as a greenish mass of points in an abstract fog.

Superstars, with Kobe Matthys, 1993
Computer, video, sound, 10 min.

"Superstars" presupposes that the mass media are developing into a totally voyeuristic system in which everyone watches everyone... In the "closed-circuit washing machine" the system continuously reproduces itself.

The faces of nine persons were filmed while watching film loops. These were small scenes taken from video or TV. The same loops were later mapped onto the faces of the viewers. An infinite zoom motion allows zooming into the faces. In this manner, the points/pores, which are figurative scenes, become visible. Each individual portrait consists of up to 20,000 individual tiny images that make up and constantly alter the super-face.

Gummibaum (Rubber plant), with Daniel Kohl, 1993
16 mm film, silent, 6 min.

The leaves of a rotating plant turn into containers in which school children run across a yard. In each leaf the same scene takes places, slightly staggered so that a continuous swelling and fading of the action floods through the entire plant ... like a canon, the staggered loops "power" the plant.

Sunbeam, 1994
16 mm film and video, computer, sound, 6 min.

In this work, the leaf-containers of the plant are again used. They are "filled" with a car-park scene ... just like a pot can be filled with tea or coffee, the contents have been replaced.

Photo: Katrin Schilling