In the toilets at Portikus, the French artist Paul-Armand Gette, born 1927 in Lyon and living in Paris, will realise a work entitled Die Toiletten-Nymphe (The Toilet Nymph). The installation originates from a concept from 1967, Eter Salle de Bain, which for the first time induced a reflection upon this "place where one takes off ones clothes and performs personal hygiene, but also upon isolation, not to speak of the activities here that could be dedicated to Eros" (Gette). Certainly an unusual and precarious venture, as Gette's work, in penetrating into a zone that is as commonplace as it is tabooed, positions itself in the border-zone between private and public, thus again fundamentally questioning the context of the reception of art. The two artists, Gette and Wesley - without knowing each other - are connected by the theme of the erotic. The meeting of these two artists is bound to be exciting.

In the studio of Portikus, Gette also presents a series of his numerous publications. In addition, a new book by the artist is published as well as a preference edition with an original drawing.

Photos: Katrin Schilling