Opening: 20.04.2018, 19h

PORTIKUS is pleased to announce the exhibition Georgia Sagri and I.

Georgia Sagri and I is a playlist, a perspective on retrospective and an exhibition of exhibiting – an institution without confines.

For the first time, sculptures, video works and performances from the last ten years of Georgia Sagri’s multidisciplinary oeuvre come together. Their display is treated as a score that decides on tempo, duration, entry and exit. Screenscapes, landscapes, soundscapes are all part of it, as are performances, concerts, workshops and their organizing modes.

The exhibition began during the conversation between artist and curator on the Georgia Sagri Georgia Sagri exhibition at Kunstverein Braunschweig, where the symmetry of the architecture allowed the works to be accommodated and exist at ease in their module state. Module conveys the idea of the conceived possibilities of an object’s multiple meanings in space and time’s (gravity and temperature) impact. In rejecting the singular by the act of doubling, Sagri also rejects the hierarchies between object and subject with their spatial determinations. The white cube of Portikus however is in an ambiguous state, it can be many and is one. Its history and structure makes it an exhibition space per se, suspending other determinations. Georgia Sagri and I allows cracks and syncopations on this premises through the means of her works’ thought experiments.

On Friday April 6th, Georgia Sagri and Christina Lehnert met the students at the Städelschule and started to play the exhibition’s score. In this continuum, friends, musicians, her brother poet and activist, and writers are some of the references of the artist's home town Athens who bring more affects in the exhibition. Georgia Sagri’s performances are endurance in loop, where repetitions give space and time for contemplation. Hence, the exhibition is a tool for different bodies to use Portikus as a concert hall, an exhibition space, a memory bank and an art school.


April 6th, 3 pm Meeting with the students, Aula, Städelschule 
April 20th, 7 pm Opening, Portikus
April 20th, 8 pm Jay Glass Dubs, Concert, Portikus
April 21st, 3-6 pm The Invisible Ones (2008/2018), Performance, Portikus
April 24th, 11-6 pm Workshop on Dynamis, Städelschule 
May 5th, 9pm Guided Tour, Portikus
May 12th, 3 pm Christos Chondropolous, Concert, Portikus
May 14th, 15th, Do Jaguar (2009/2018), Installation, Städelschule 
May 16th, 9am-5 pm Do Jaguar (2009/2018), Performance, Städelschule
May 16th, 5 pm Conversation on Do Jaguar, Städelschule
May 29th, 7 pm Lecture, Städelschule 
June, 2nd, 8 pm Tasos Sagris & Whodoes, Poetry reading and electronics, Portikus
June 10th, 3 pm Hymbro (2008/2018), Performance, Portikus
June 15th, 7 pm Minimaximum, Concert, Portikus

Loans to the students

Diana Very Dog, 2013/2017, Olympia Restaurant, Moselstrasse 50, 60329 Frankfurt, every day until 5 am, loaned to Antonis Magoulas

Diana Very Dog, 2013/2017, Olympia Restaurant, Moselstrasse 50, 60329 Frankfurt, every day until 5 am, loaned to Antonis Magoulas

Dynamis/Soma in orgasm as ear, 2017, Private studio, Elbestrasse 10, 60329 Frankfurt, to be visited upon appointment, loaned to John Mathew Heard

Dynamis/Soma in orgasm as sex, 2017, Städelschule, Dürerstraße 10, 60596 Frankfurt, 10 am - 6 pm

Staged, 2015/2017, Städelschule, Dürerstrasse 10, 60599 Frankfurt am Main, to be visited Tuesdays upon appointment, please contact: atemmeta@gmail.com, loaned to Il-Jin Choi


Georgia Sagri (b. 1979, Athens, Greece) lives and works in Athens and New York. Her works have been shown in numerous international exhibitions, such as: Kunstverein Braunschweig (2017), documenta 14, Kassel and Athens (2017); Manifesta 11, Zürich (2016); at the Sculpture Center, New York (2015); at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2015); at the Museum for Modern Art, Warsaw (2014 and 2015), at Kunsthalle Basel (2014), as well as the 14th Istanbul Biennale (2015), the Lyon Biennale (2013), and the Whitney Biennale, New York (2012). 
In 2009 she founded the Audio-Magazine FORTÉ as well as the curatorial project SALOON, and in 2014 she initiated the semi-public space 'ΥΛΗ[matter]HYLE (hyle.gr) in Athens.

The exhibition at Portikus was made possible with the financial support of Städelschule Portikus e.V. and Graf von Westphalen.

Curated by: Christina Lehnert
Photos: Diana Pfammatter