Opening: 20.07.2017, 17–20h

Fleming’s Selection Hotel Frankfurt-City
Eschenheimer Tor 2
Bleichstraße 64–66
​60318 Frankfurt am Main

In her work, Speier employs different techniques to deal with contemporary questions of art production. The intricacy of her work is reflected in the medium of the collage, which is processed digitally as an expression of the contemporary. The artist addresses her own location in the field of art as the subject of everyday situations. In a new sculpture, Anne Speier has created a primate that viewers encounter hanging from the ceiling. The pose of the orangutan suggests fear and a corresponding defensive stance. However, there is nothing signifying what else is going on in the room. Is the orangutan just imagining reasons for his posture? Is he pulling away from us visitors? As a work of art, the animal becomes the projection surface, which can play various roles in its attribution as a primate. Beyond pop culture references, Speier’s sculpture raises questions about identity – that of the object and our own confronted by it. The stairway becomes a stage, drawing attention to the sculpture and making it possible to see it from different angles. The rope can be read as a multi-story guideline.