Frankfurt Airport
Terminal 1
60547 Frankfurt am Main
Security zone – only accessible for arriving passengers!

Excerpts of Dancer (2011) are shown on displays in the luggage area of Terminal 1, Frankfurter Airport.


26.07.2017, 21h

Dara Friedman is best known for experimental, non-narrative works that deconstruct the techniques of conventional filmmaking. For Dancer (2011), she enlisted a variety of Miami-based dancers to move through the urban space. Shot on 16mm black-and-white film and transferred to HD video, Dancer celebrates both the city and the medium of dance. With the city streets as a stage, dancers improvise, expressing the specificity of their styles and making meaning through movement. Inspired partly by the late Pina Bausch (1940–2009) creator of the dance theater movement, Friedman – like Bausch is not necessarily interested in how people move, but rather, what moves them. Brief excerpts from the original 25-minute film, which shows some 60 dancers in about 40 scenes, will be presented on the monitors in Frankfurt Airport’s arrivals area. In this way, the travelers in front of the screens become dancers themselves. Through a careful crafting of the filming process, and reacting to the dancers’ bodies – Friedman transforms each participant from someone being passively watched to someone being danced with, a partner.