An exhibition organized by Helmut Batista, the founder of the research-based residency program CAPACETE Entertainments, based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The projects gather multiple voices from 16 years of CAPACETE and consist of a series of live events, performances, installations, and text contributions.

21.09.2013, from 8pm: Opening of CAPACETE

CAPACETE will open with a concert/performance by Arto Lindsay. The concert/performance will not only act as a soundtrack for the exhibition, but also for the new film Ecstatic by Helmut Batista and Amilcar Packer. Simultaneously, a Churrasco will be held, followed with a set by Baba Electronica & DJ Lonely.

27.09.2013, from 8pm: FUMACÊ

Artist Alexandre Vogler smokes Portikus and the environment out with FUMACÊ. FUMACÊ is a mobile censer, which refers to the Brazilian Candomblé culture. Transported on a bicycle, Alexandre Vogler will cast out Frankfurt´s evil spirits through FUMACÊ and bless the city.

05.10.2013, from 8pm: PAISAGEM SONORA

Brazilian multi-instrumentalist SIRI will give a concert/performance, and offers a second soundtrack to the film Ecstatic. SIRI uses the Berimbau, the main instrument of the Afro-Brazilian martial dance Capoeira as a medium of sound.

09.10.2013, from 8pm: Book Launch, Rogério Duarte

Designer, poet, musician, artist and author, Rogério Duarte is a central figure of the Tropicalia movement. His influence on imagery and aesthetics of this movement is presented in this first publication in both English and Portuguese. Initiated by artist Mariana Castillo Deball and designer Manuel Raeder, and developed in a four-year exchange with Rogério Duarte and published by BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE.

The exhibition is part of the cultural program of Brazil as guest of honor at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair, and is made possible by the support of FUNARTE, MinC Brazilian Ministry of Culture, and MRE Brazilian Foreign Ministry.