As the “live” component and finale to the "EXTRA TROUBLE–Jack Smith in Frankfurt" festival, Portikus presents a nonexistent version of Hamlet. Channeling the ghost of American filmmaker and artist Jack Smith, Shakespeare’s most abused tragedy will be adapted, retold and performed by the Städelschule’s Pure Fiction seminar.

Directed by esteemed writer, Guest Professor Mark von Schlegell, with support by renowned artist Professor Michael Krebber, this rendition of Hamlet pays homage to Jack Smith by declining to represent him in coherent institutional fashion. Audiences will be invited to take part in the dynamism of creation coming to life on stage on two special nights at Portikus. The costumes were developed in collaboration with New York-based designer Susan Cianciolo.

Wine. Nudity.

Participants: Inga Danysz, Hélène Fauquet, Adam Fearon, Genoveva Filipovic, Charlie Froud, Timothy Furey, Nik Geene, Edgars Gluhovs, Erika Landström, Ellen Yeon Kim, Yuki Kishino, Michael Krebber, Erik Lavesson, Oona Lea von Maydell, Daniel Murnaghan, Aislinn McNamara, Clare Molloy, Dana Munro, Luzie Hanna Karolina Meyer, Julien Nguyen, Olga Pedan, George Rippon, Mahsa Saloor, Simon Speiser, Anina Trösch, Colin Whitaker, Anna Susanna Woof-Dwight, Phillip Zach, Anna Zacharoff, amongst others.


For the following month at Portikus, visitors have the opportunity to view the remnants of the mise-en-scène and a selection of rare ephemera by Jack Smith from the private collections of Cosima von Bonin, Michael Krebber, Daniel Buchholz and Christopher Müller.

The project was made possible with the generous support of Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main and Hessische Kulturstiftung.

Photos: Helena Schlichting