The Portikus in Frankfurt am Main proudly presents Paul Chans first exhibition in Germany. Born in Hong Kong in 1973 and educated in the US, he has established himself as an important international artist. In the wake of 9/11 and the war in Iraq, Chan has become a key figure both in the American art world and in the world of political activism. He is also an artist who emphasizes what is specific of these two spheres.

Like fleeting shadows on the ground, we see objects defying gravity. Sunglasses, cars, peopleeverything is falling against a backdrop in shifting colours. But what appears to be simple shadows are digital animations projected on the floora recurring feature in Chans ongoing series The 7 Lights. Portikus presents 3rd Light, the first part to also involve a sculptural element: a 3-dimensional replica of the table in Leonardo da Vincis Last Supper. This ingredient emphasizes the theological quality already strongly felt in the previous chapters, and the first falling object to appear is an apple, followed by chairs and dogs. In spite of the calm and meditative atmosphere, this seems to be a work about a world falling apart. Here the world seems to end in silence.

Paul Chan creates films, animations and works with references to Goya as well as to Japanese pornography, to the Bible as well as to the Samuel Beckett. Previously this year he participated in the Whitney Biennial. Other recent exhibitions include a solo show at the ICA in Boston (2005), Uncertain States of America, at Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo (2005), the Lyon Biennial (2005), and the Greater New York at PS 1 in New York (2005).

Supported by Deutsche Bank Stiftung