Tobias Rehberger has designed the new Portikus, located in Frankfurt´s Leinwandhaus. By introducing a structure based on boxes and platforms into the ground floor of the building he has integrated a gallery, the office, a storage room and a reading zone for Portikus publications. His concept includes a new appearance of the institution, which reflects the situation of Portikus being a temporarily migrating exhibition space. All elements are designed as autonomous units which appear as simply pushed inside the rather rustic architecture of the Leinwandhaus.

In collaboration with the experts of Zumtobel Staff, a producer of lighting technology, Olafur Eliasson has developed a special light system for the gallery space.

Louise Lawler examines the context and conditions of the art presentation. Her photo-graphs show artworks in their environment: as objects in exhibitions, in private or public collections, at auctions, in storage rooms, archives, or galleries. Details become visible that belong to a context lying beyond the artist´s sphere of influence; in some cases it's the specific arrangement within an exhibition space or the home of a collector, in others it's a particular view of the wall on which the picture is or was hanging, the frame, the pedestal or the title plate.

In April 2003 Louise Lawler presented a series of photographs under the title "PROBABLY NOT IN THE SHOW", which was the last regular exhibition of Portikus at its former address. Based on photographs of her very reduced installation back then, she has now realised a new series of five pictures entitled "ADD TO IT". The white space with its skylight ceiling - the old Portikus gallery having been a prototype of a White Cube - has in Louise Lawlers new works become a series of pictures verging on abstraction.