The Swiss artist Daniel Hunziker works with sculpture, painting, and drawing as media. He bases his mostly large-format works on a constructivist principle.

For his tower- and wall-like sculptures, Hunziker first produces square bars out of cardboard which he combines to uniform, filigreed elements used as modules for constructing. The cardboard he uses looks like wood or metal due to the different colours and the quality of the material. The material's appearance thus strongly contrasts the actual lightness of the sculpture.

In painting, the artist works with colour stripes which he utilises not only to rhythmize the surface, but also to create a perspectival, structuring framework. For this, Hunziker has developed a new water-colour technique which excludes the subjectivity of a personal style. He lets the colours flow over the paper along the breadth of the respective stripe conceived.

Hunziker lays out his black and coloured pencil drawings using a grid. With the help of French curves, he creates organic constructions. Hatching applied in rows creates an element of motion reminiscent of wood grain.

For the exhibition at Portikus, Daniel Hunziker now creates a space-filling installation consisting of three construction types, each with different modules made of white plastic-coated cardboard.

The exhibition at Portikus is Daniel Hunziker's first solo exhibition. The artist was born in Aarau in 1960 and studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. Daniel Hunziker lives in Berlin.