Willem de Rooij

Archival Pigment Print
75 x 54 cm
Edition of 17 + 3 AP

EUR 2560.00

2.860.00 EUR (framed)
2.560,00 EUR (unframed)
(excl. 19 % VAT)

The edition Box depicts an unpresuming wooden box. It is placed at the center of the picture, and against a blue background, which lends a mercurial quality to the subject. 

The object depicted has been crucially important to Städelschule since 1975, when the school published its first statute that empowered all professors, teachers, employees, the electoral bodies as well as the student representatives to cast votes in important decisions. Rector Prof. Dr. Raimer Jochims commissioned the caretaker of the time to build a box that would be used for the collection of ballots.

Box symbolizes a small community’s commitment to democratic structures. “This box,” says the artist, “is the depository of all collective decisions and convictions expressed over four decades by students and professors, bearing witness to the privilege of having choices and working together to come to shared decisions.”


Exhibition from Willem de Rooij Pierre Verger in Suriname